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We're always publishing interesting and sometimes silly things for people to do. Right now we have fitness, sustainability and music production challenges live. The list is always growing.

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Some of our challenges not only motivate and inspire, they can earn you great prizes. From overseas holidays, art, merchandise and hospitality packages, our partners are all legends.

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"SMR is a place where you can comfortably challenge yourself. By setting goals you receive encouragement, support and banter along the way, making getting stuff done fun."

Big Thompson

"I have too many ideas and my motivation constantly fluctuates. Stake My Rep makes me think about what I actually want to achieve and then lay it at the mercy of peer pressure."


"SMR is fun and motivating. I'm the type of person that starts a million things, Staking My Reputation against friends helps me finish them."

Spilla Abrupt

"StakeMyRep is a really positive and engaging platform, which helps to motivate you to get things done. It has been awesome to watch SMR go from strength to strength, I love it!"

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