Make it to crossfit every Wednesday for the next four weeks

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I've just started crossfit. Feel I might need a little motivation to keep it up.
I've staked every Wednesday until I'm on site for Dragon Dreaming 2015 (where each day will be its own version of crossfit)

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BowFit 23 September:

Legs 01 (Squats / lunges /

Sumojumps / lunges / Statics / Getups) x 4 sets

Upper 01 (Chins / Towel Pulls –

Pushups into runs) x 4 sets

Tabata 01 (16 Exercises).

20on10off (8mins)

Legs 02 (Step ups/back lunges

into tricep dips) x 4 sets

Tabata 02 (16 Exercises).

20on10off (8mins). Choose your own adventure

Categories: Health / Fitness

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Dec 16, 2015 6:08pm

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