Upload 3 Youtube videos a week including one recipe video and double my subscribers.

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I really want to build my YouTube channel and spread the message of health inside and out and of being on the journey and not doing things perfectly.  I feel really challenged working a normal job cause most jobs include doing something that is against my values.  I have wanted to really focus on doing this channel for ages but not fully prioritised it so I am using Stake My Rep to set myself a challenge that I think is achievable but would maybe not follow through without something to keep me accountable ..

SO!! Three videos uploaded a week including one recipe video!  And I'm hoping I can double my subscribers in that time from 170 to 340.  I think that is probably pretty achievable too. 

I can post the links here to prove I am uploading them .. . and at the end will see how my subscribers are going . .. hopefully really well when I get consistent!

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https://www.youtube.com/user/StarFluffify/feed  Here is my channel:


Week 1.

Nov 21: Why Go To The Freedom Summits?

Nov 24: What Happens When You Die?

Nov 28: Super Easy Delicious Kale Salad

Week 2.

Dec 1: Are We Eating Life Or Death?

Dec 1: Meditation Moment - Relationship To Fear - Vipassana

Dec 4: Fruitorial: Green Smoothie That Isn't Even Green!

Week 3.

Dec 9: The Value Of HOTNESS!! Featuring ESSENA ONEILL.

Dec 9: Vegan Soba Noodle And Tofu Salad - High Raw Meal!!

Dec 11: Where Chocolate Comes From: The Cacao Fruit

Week 4:

Dec 16: Fruitorial: How To Open A Jackfruit - Soft Variety

Dec 17: Why Being Good At Being Crap Is Important

Dec 20: Raw Vegan Mango Curry

Week 5:

Dec 20: Aggression In The Vegan Community And Domestic Violence

Dec 22: Preparation For Vegan Christmas! Yay!

Dec 26: Vegan Fruit Crumble

Week 6:

Dec 30: Boxing Day Shopping - Sustainable, Ethical and Fabulous

Jan 2: Homely Pumpkin and Corn Soup

Jan 2: McDonalds On New Years

Week 7:

Jan 7: 1600km Ride From Stranger On Gumtree

Jan 10: Summer Peach Smoothie  .. Divine

Jan 13: Vegan Girls House - Poo Report

Week 8:

Jan 13: Meditation Moment - Mangos or Oreos?

Jan 21: Sweet Potato Noodle and Vegie Stir Fry - Oil Free!

Jan 23: Hydration Station My Arse!! Stupid Uni!!

Week 9:

Jan 23: Rawify Your Meals

Jan 24: I'm Going To Uni . .. Am I A Sell Out?

Jan 25: Salad Bag - The On-The-Go-iest Salad Eva!!

Week 10:

Jan 25: Meditation Moment - Peanut Butter Hangover

Jan 25: Crunchy Schmunchy Apple Salad - Savoury!

Jan 28: Australia Day - Invasion Day - What Does It Mean and How To Make a Sign

Week 11: ending 06 Feb

Feb 4: WTF Wednesday: Coke Life

Feb 7: Fruitorial - How To Make Coconut Milk

Feb 8: Meditation Moment: Comparing Myself

Week 12: ending 13th Feb

Feb 9: First Day At Uni

Feb 11: Do Uni Students Need Coffee?

Feb 11: Potato Rosti - Oil Free - Game Changer

Week 13: ending 20th Feb

Feb 11: Pizza Killed My Buzz

Feb 12: Vegan Girls House Gets A Gift

Week 14:



Week 15:


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