Complete the backend documentation to re-create SMR into a product ppl love to use.

Thomas's story

We built SMR and learnt a bunch of things along the way. One

of the major lessons was around notifications and lack of phone app. So to make

the website work in the right way to do this we need redesign the way the

backend operates. Doing this will allows us the flexibility to quickly change a

variety of messages from one location.

Still, we need to dive down further and locate a niche group

to help with their problems (around staying motivated). We believe this is a

problem worth solving, but we need to discover who that group is.

This is a two part goal. The first is to complete the

backend work described above, and the second is to discover that niche group.

We will do this through a combination of strategy, experiments and good old

hard work.

They say persistence pays off, well there is no need to flog

a dead horse with broken whip. We will stop hurting animals and start helping


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