Try and promote and encourage interest on our first Jilted Hoodz album :)

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So, the aim is to promote and ecourage activity and interest for our first album Rogue Transmission, which has just dropped. I have been rather foolish to only consider any promotion strategies to just after the album has come out.  It definitely does not work to our advantage! So the plan is to try and share it with people who have liked Jilted Hoodz' music in the past and to share it on different sites to try and get exposure.  The aim does not concerned with making money via purchases - rather to share it with as many people as we can and that hopefully some people can appreciate it.

If this goes well then my evidence will be links to music & social media sites showing activity and interest in the tunes.  If I fail, I just won't have suceceded in gaining much interest or support - and then I will probably cry, lol! Wish me luck :) As we all know promotion can be a bit painful & it can be hard to get support.

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