I will beat ibrokemyeyebrow in a fitness duel

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The challenge ends on the 26th of June and ibrokemyeyebrow is leading by 300 points! I am determined not only to catch up, but totally kill it. A few minor hiccups though... I am mega busy as I'm going overseas on the 27th, so hitting the gym would be hard. Ibrokemyeyebrow enjoys spending sunday afternoons at the gym and I'm a bit of a party animal, so the only thing I am likely to enjoy this sunday is my bed. Ibrokemyeyebrow is a tough chick who can do monster full depth 65kg barbell squats :-O So to get the points she gets, I have to work almost twice as hard and spend about an hour more working out than she does. The game is on and despite all odds against me, I am not about to give up! Can I do it? You decide...


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Jun 27, 2013 1:28pm

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