Go for four runs this week - each a min of 20 mins

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I failed last week's challenge. I thought I had a full day left, I put my gear on, logged in to gloat and found a notice saying challenge failed (unsure if system incorrectly reported, will keep an eye on it). I did get two runs in, so I am happy enough with that. Sorry if you backed me, I tried!

So I have decided to up the anty. This week, I will aim for four 20 min runs. Evidence will be in the form of a screen shot of my run keeper app, that lists date, time and distance.

In addition to run, I am going to aim to eat fairly well. Last week, I have pigged out on all manner of bad food choices. I wont provide evidence on the food aspect, and it's not part of the challenge, just something I want to do in addition to the runs.

This will be challenging for me.


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Jun 30, 2013 1:44am

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