My epic challenge 4

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Hey peeps. I'm going to finally write the content I need to get the landing page up.

I'm going to design some posters for the next competition

I'm also going to put some posters up about StakeMyRep

I'm going to get some stickers printed up too!

I'm going to go to the pool twice!

I'm going to run two times - two!

I'm going to clear the area next to the chicken shed!

I'm going to clear a garden bed and add soil for my bush tucker garden!


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I managed to do the following.

Wrote some content for landing page - complete with testimonials (image attached)

Poster attached for next comp

Poster attached about SMR - I did not get a photo of one up, but I made it.

I made the stickers, I need to wait one week for them to get the label size (bloody office works)

I went to the pool twice. Probably hardest part. Going to join pool / gym. One is me at pool and one infront as I forgot to take phtoto at ppol (always feel strange doing that)

I did two very short runs. I have run keeper set as bike by default. they were each about 1.7km lol

Area cleared, photo attached

Garden bed cleared, used own compost to fill. Save big $$ with compost.

I actually stressed myself a little trying to fit so much in. I don't think I;ll put so much on the table next time. Really glad I got all of this done it was a pretty productive week.


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